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International Biennial « Small Format of Paper »


In 2020, the International Biennial “Small Format of Paper” will exhibit for the 20th time the works of the artists who responded to the call of the Museum of Small Format of Contemporary Art.

Some 327 artists including  Michèle Grosjean and Jean-Pierre Maury have been selected by an external committee, composed of Ben Durant (Galerie Quadri), Rohan Graeffly (artist, cultural of the Province of Luxembourg) and Stef van Bellingen (WARP) for the quality of their work, the intelligence or sensitivity of their approach, the diversity of their approaches to contemporary art. Among them, 153 artists responded and sent in return their proposals for small paper formats.

For this anniversary, it was proposed to the artists to return to the original minimalist idea: a sheet of paper, simple means, a proposal, to privilege the experimental aspect and to focus on the relation to the small format and what it offers as possibilities. It is a travelling exhibition that will be held in 4 places in Belgium: Nismes, Arlon, Sint-Niklaas and Liège. Full information on: https://www.museedupetitformat.be