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Michèle Grosjean

Michèle Grosjean was born in Brussels on the 30th September 1943. Michèle is a painter, designer, engraver and creator of jewellery. She draws her inspiration from ancient mythology, the incursion into a sacred world, wandering between Eros and Thanatos where antagonisms and complentarities mix. Ancient timeless myths, revisited cosmoginies passing through the mysteries of alchemy and of a troubled androgynous universe, the enchanted flute of Mozart or the mysteries of Mithra, so many inspirations that have become the main thread of her approach to art. If these themes are the principal keystones of her imagination, they are not necessarily themes that are restrictive in their narrative and illustrative sense. It’s through the construction of her works that these themes evolve, they elevate or they mutate, black becomes white, a chrysalid becomes a coffin. Her works include distorted figures because they are the produce of her imagination as well as her academic knowledge. Michèle’s works go beyond realism. Her palette is falsely monochrome because they are made of a camaieux in which is mixed the full colour range. Grey, white and black allow glimpses of coloured layers that engage the senses. Sometimes dense, sometimes fluid, sometimes silky sometimes course, her art gives us glimpses of underlying layers inspired by a fleeting past. A solitary painter, Michèle Grosjean does not recognise herself as belonging to any movement but her independence does not mean solitude or closing herself off from the world. Her intellectual landscapes are inspired by the past as by the present, ancient art as well as contemporary art.