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Arteeshow is a brand of clothing dedicated to art and more particularly to Belgian artists. Here art is thriving and will invite itself on your t-shirts !

Arteeshow aims to produce items of quality on different styles of textiles chosen with care reproducing works of artists in limited numbers. The most important thing for me is to highlight the work of the artists by giving the opportunity to a larger public of discovering these artists through new eyes in an amusing and original approach. Wearing art in your daily life will never have been so simple on arteeshow.com

Evelyne Axell, Marcel-Louis Baugniet, Gaston Bertrand, Pierre Caille, Christian Dotremont, Pierre-Louis Flouquet, Henri Gabriel, Michèle Grosjean, Jules Lismonde, Jean-Pierre Maury, Mig Quinet… are the first artists to be associated with our creations.

Lila Farget