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EVELyne Axell & Paul Van Hoeydonck


Zoom on the Belgian art of the years 1960-70, a period of cultural and social revolution without precedent during the twentieth century. These years have been good for artists who have spoken in new and bold ways. Today we have a new reading of the importance of Belgium in the birth of international movements such as Pop Art, New Realism or hyperrealism. Long neglected, European artists, especially Belgian, were contemporaries of great American names like Duane Hanson or Andy Warhol, so among the pioneers of this artistic revolution. Pierre Restany did not make a mistake and organized meetings and joint exhibitions between French, Belgian and American artists.

Belgian artists from the sixties / seventies have already been rehabilitated at exhibitions in institutions and museums, but since the historical exhibition at Isy Brachot in Brussels in 1970, there has not been an equivalent gallery exhibition to date .